EU Elections

Voter Turnout Worries

The upcoming EU parliamentary election in June could become a fiasco in Sweden. New figures show that very few Swedes are even aware that there is an election this year.

A study from the market research company Novus Opinion, showed that if the election was today, only 34 % of Swedes would vote. That’s down from the 37.9% of Swedes who voted in the latest EU election in 2004.

The average for the whole of the EU is 46 %. In Belgium and Luxembourg - where voting is compulsory -  that figure is around 90%

Meanwhile, market research company Synovate found in their study that only 33 % of Swedes even knew that there is an EU election this year and only 17% were aware that it’s being held in June. Older Swedes were more informed than younger and there was also a large difference between Swedes from big cities and those from more rural areas. (RM)

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