Göran Lambertz, Swedish Chancellor for Justice, says no to Germany

Germany Can’t Question Swedish Journalist

A German prosecutor wants to question the Swedish TV-journalist who interviewed the Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson.

But the Swedish Chancellor of Justice, Göran Lambertz,  says no.

Williamson, a deeply conservative catholic minister, caused international offence as he told Swedish Television that during the Holocaust only 300.000 Jews had died, instead of the officially estimated 6 million. Also, he claimed that none had been sent to gas chambers.  

The interview was carried out in Germany, where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and soon after an investigation was begun against Williamson. According to the Swedish news agency TT, the German prosecutor now wants the Swedish authorities to make the journalist disclose more details regarding the interview.

As the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden is the sole authority on freedom of speech legislation, the matter rests with him. And the answer is no.

The reason is that Williamson hasn’t committed a crime under Swedish law. Not a suspect, he is protected by the clauses in the Swedish constitution on protecting media sources.

According to TT, the chancellor does not see anything wrong with Swedish Police approaching the journalist to ask him if he is willing to disclose anything else. And if the Germans aren’t happy with his decision, he refers them to the government. (RM)

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