File Sharing

Legal Downloads Increase After Ipred

Music sales over the Internet and from mobile phones have increased by 100% since the Swedish file sharing law Ipred came into effect at the beginning of the month, according to music provider InProdicon.

CEO Klas Brännström told Swedish news agency TT that the first week after Ipred, twice as many used their services as the week before.

”Whether or not this had to do with Ipred, I can’t say, but we do see a significant change,” he said to TT.

Also the long term curve points upward for legal downloading. Compared to last year InProdicon has seen an increase of 20-30%. According to TT another trend is that Swedish performers are favoured by the increase in legal downloading. 60% of the downloaded music is Swedish. InProdicon’s services cater for about half of all downloaded music in Sweden.  (RM)