Scandinavians Turn Noses Up at Finland

Finns would be happy to live in Sweden. But the sentiment is not returned. According to a new study carried out by Nordic TV and radio stations, Finland comes in last when Scandinavians choose which Nordic country they could imagine relocating to.

Around 1000 people in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland took part in the study. They were asked which Nordic country they would prefer to live in if they couldn’t stay in their own.

According to Swedish news Agency TT, almost 50% of the Swedes chose Norway as their first choice, followed by Denmark, and then Finland and Iceland. Among the Norwegians Denmark was the favourite, closely followed by Sweden. Both the Danes and the Finns would choose to come to Sweden first, with Norway as the second choice. Finland and Iceland were chosen last by all their Scandinavian neighbours.

Bengt Packalén , head of the Finnish Institute in Sweden, thinks that Finland’s lack of popularity could be due to the image of Finland often portrayed in Swedish media.  

“There is a tendency to talk of Finland as a little bit poorer, simpler and perhaps a tad more vulgar than Sweden,” he said to Swedish Television.

He also thinks that the language could be another issue- that many Scandinavians believe that it is impossible to manage in Finland without knowing Finnish and that the language is too complicated to learn. But, according to Packalén, they couldn’t be more wrong. (RM)

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