Swedish Recycling Continues to Grow

New figures show that Swedes are getting better and better at recycling.

According to statistics from Swedish packaging and newspapers collection agency FTI, almost 80% of all packaging and newspapers in Sweden were recycled last year – the highest amount on a steadily growing curve since the introduction of the system in 1994.

“With the amount we recycle we belong to the top level among EU countries. That shows we have a well functioning recycling system,” CEO John Strand of FTI said in a press release.

According to Swedish news agency TT, last year 1 252 820 out of 1597 750 tons of paper and packaging were recycled. Most of the glass, cardboard, metal and newspapers are turned into new packaging or newspapers. A smaller amount, mainly made up of plastic is recycled as energy – as fuel for heat- only boiler stations.

FTI believes the coming year will see a continuing increase in Swedish recycling. (RM)