Eggs, Candy and Bunnies

With eggs, candy and bunnies popular during the Easter holiday, all have featured in numerous media reports here.

The newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” reports that candy and soft drink makers have responded to criticism about dangerous additives. At least two are removing the coloring agent E104, which can cause allergic reactions in children.

“Dagens Nyheter” also carries a report from the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology that eggs are the most climate friendly source of protein. The researchers have followed the production chain from growing feed to raising the hens and transport to get the the eggs to the stores. Their conclusion is that egg production results in relatively few greenhouse gas emissions compared to beef, and uses relatively little energy.

The study is based on two farms, one with conventional caged hens, the other with free range chickens. And there’s an op-ed article in Saturday’s edition of the newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” commenting that Easter is not a happy holiday for millions of caged hens. Two members of an animal rights organization and the daughter of the late children’s writer Astrid Lindgren point out that two out of three Sweden hens are still kept in cages so tight they can’t extend their wings.

Meanwhile, Swedish Radio News reports that the Easter holiday is also responsible for a recent increase here in the consumption of rabbit meat in Sweden. This year around 300,000 rabbits will be slaughtered in this country. One producer says the popularity on the dinner table at this time of year seems to be somehow linked to the Easter bunny.

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