Spotify founder Daniel Ek

Spotify In The Spotlight

Newspapers in Britain are raving about a new on-line music service that has been developed in Sweden. The new music service developed in Sweden gives listeners access to a seemingly unending library of music. It’s called Spotify and it works through piping music down the internet directly to users’ computers.

Instead of downloading music whether legally or illegally, Spotify’s subscribers listen to their tunes using a technology known as streaming - it’s what happens if you listen to a sound clip on Radio Sweden’s web site, or watch a video on You Tube. No download, no fuss - this is what Spotify’s developers, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon hope will make their company one of the giants of the internet.

And this music is all paid for already, Spotify pay the record labels to licence it, placing it a long way from illegal music file sharing.

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