File Sharing

Pirate Bay Still Online

Swedish internet providers have turned down calls by copyright organisations to shut down access to the Pirate Bay file-sharing website. The people behind the website were sentenced to prison and given huge fines by a Swedish court yesterday for breaking copyright laws.

But Sweden’s internet providers say that the judgement has not yet come in to effect, and that the ruling is against the owners of the website, and not Sweden’s internet providers. One of them, Jon Karlund from provider Bahnhof, told daily Svenska Dagbladet that they refuse to censor the internet, anything that breaks against the principle of a free and open internet is a bad thing, he says.

Representatives of the film and music industry were jubilant following the judgement Friday, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Pirates Bay’s users, with over 11 million downloads still underway just hours after the court’s decision.

The court can’t order the site’s closure either, as the servers are located abroad. The Pirate Bay Four are now appealing against the decision.