"Gymnasiet" to Become Compulsory?

Sweden’s Left Party wants to make all pupils stay at school until they are 19. Schools spokesperson Rossana Dinamarca says that in the current employment market children need as much education as they can get.

At the moment Swedish schoolchildren have to stay at school until they are 16, and are then free to either stay on to upper secondary school ”gymnasiet” or to go out onto the job market. Currently almost 99% decide to stay in school, and Dinamarca says that in practice ”gymnasiet” is already obligatory.

But the Liberal Education minister Jan Björklund is sceptical. Speaking to daily Svenska Dagbladet, he says that school isn’t the answer for all children, with some kids so sick of school that forcing them into ”gymnasiet” would be negative for them. What they need is better ways of getting them jobs when they leave school at 16, he adds.

The Left Party’s Rosanna Dinamarca counters by saying that the government’s policies mean that 16 year olds are being thrown out of school into a job market where nobody wants them.