'Million programme' housing in Stockholm
job crisis

Opposition Bets on Housing

Major renovations of rental housing will boost Sweden’s economy, say the three main opposition parties. The red-green alliance announced on Thursday that they want to fight the job crisis through tax breaks and pumping money into much needed building work.

The ruling centre-right coalition has already brought in a big tax break for owners who pay for renovation work on their property. Now the red-greens want to extend this to rental properties - with the goal being a major works plan on Sweden’s state housing.

Opposition leader Mona Sahlin says that tax breaks shouldn’t just got to house or apartment owners, but should be used to overhaul Sweden’s so called ’million programme.’ This was a major housing project of the 1960s which build whole new suburbs of flat blocks in many Swedish towns.

The red-greens calculate that spending around 714 million US dollars on building work would generate 15,000 jobs.

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