CIA plane in European airspace

Military To Investigate CIA Flights

As more details about CIA flight stopovers in Sweden are surfacing demands to put all the facts on the table are becoming louder. The main concern: Were Swedish laws violated?

Some Swedish politicians are reluctant to comment on CIA airplanes with arrested terror suspects on board refueling on Swedish airports. Former Prime Minister Göran Persson has declined to answer questions raised after press reports suggested that there were more such cases than earlier assumed. Apparently Persson finds it embarrassing to discuss his government’s position towards American secret service activities in Sweden. Critics maintain that tolerating these CIA practices was not consistent with Sweden’s proclaimed neutrality.

Now, years after the controversial American visits, the facts shall finally be brought to light: The Swedish military has announced that there will be an investigation to determine how many such CIA missions there were. Stefan Ryding-Berg, chief of the judicial staff of the Armed Forces, told tabloid Expressen that he had been informed about three such plane stopvers but that he could not give a final answer before he had gone through all landing permissions issued by the Swedish Air Navigation Service to non-commercial American planes.

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