Dawit Isaak
Dawit Isaak

Pro-Eritrean Group Criticized Sweden

A pro-Eritrean group taking part in Friday’s May Day celebrations has sparked a debate over the freedom of speech during such events. The group had carried banners claiming that Eritrea was a nation of social equality and condemning the Swedish media for drawing a too negative picture of the African country.

Since 2001, Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak is held in prison without a trial. Swedish governments have been trying to get Isaak released from Eritrean prison and brought back to Sweden.

Speaking to news agency TT, Birgitta Ohlsson, the Liberal Party’s foreign policy spokesperson, called the participation of the pro-Eritrean group shocking. Ohlsson criticized the Social Democrats for letting the group take part in Labour Day rally in Stockholm.

But the Social Democratic spokesperson in Stockholm, Tomas Rudin, rejected the criticism – explaining that everyone is allowed to express their opinion in the labour movement.

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