Operation ’Loyal Arrow’

Reindeer Calves Disturbed by NATO

Reindeer calves could suffer severely during a planned NATO manoeuvre in North Sweden in June. Daily Östersunds-Posten reports that the indigenous people of the Sami have already complained about the military exercise being scheduled for the exact period when the reindeers are expected to calve.

Now representatives of the Sami are to meet with representatives of NATO in the northern city of Kiruna in order to discuss the issue. NATO already suggested that its planes could fly at 3,000 meters height over areas where reindeers are suspected to calve.

But according to the Sami it is nearly impossible to tell in advance where the reindeer flocks will be. Around 50 war planes from 10 countries with a total of 2,000 soldiers are expected to participate in the NATO manoeuvre “Loyal Arrow” in northern Sweden in June. (ah)