Swedes Blast Danish Pig Farmers

Swedish Radio news reports harshly condemn what is labelled cruelty to animals in the raising of pigs in neighboring Denmark - which supplies an increasing amount of pork to Sweden.

The reports claim that many of the animals suffer from injuries in too-small pens without the essential straw and that pigs are badly beaten on their back legs with plastic sticks to hasten their way to slaughter.

Critics say the Danish farmers are too interested in profits and ignore regulations for the humane treatment of livestock. Similar reports earlier condemned the treatment of pigs and other livestock here in Sweden.

Although Sweden once had a surplus of pork, many farmers have stopped raising pigs here as the cheaper Danish pork has been taking over an increasing amount of the market here.

Some communities in Sweden providing food for schools and other institutions report that 50% of the pork they serve is Danish.

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