"No Exceptions" for Sex Education in Schools

Sex education in schools is to become obligatory for all pupils, according to Sweden's Education and Equality ministers. Writing in the Swedish broadsheet Dagens Nyheter, Jan Björklund and Nyamko Sabuni, both from the Liberal Party, says that a current law, allowing parents to remove their children from classes that "could be seen as challenging the pupils home environment" is to be scrapped.

Currently parents are allowed to take their children out of sports classes, sex education and swimming classes, and according to a recent survey in Stockholm, up to 27 percent of girls born in another country are excused from these lessons by their parents. In some cases this may be due to honour-related pressure due to their religion, according to the ministers.

They say that schooling up to the age of 16 is obligatory for all pupils, and that there should be no exceptions. The ministers add that all children in Sweden have the right to the all the education that the schools have to offer, whether the parents like it or not.

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