Swedish EU Elections Exit Poll

Swedes voted Sunday to send 18 representatives to the European Parliament. The polls closed at 19:00 hrs UTC, but the official results won’t be released until 20:00 UTC.

However, Swedish Television has released an exit poll. It indicates the Green Party has doubled its vote, the Left Party has halved its result from 2004. The June List disappears from the European Parliament, replaced by the Pirate Party.

Here is the exit poll results, compared to the results of the 2004 EU election:

                                                   2009                    2004

Social Democrats                           25.1                    24.7

conservative Moderates                  18.5                    18.2

Green Party                                   11.5                     5.9

Liberals                                         11.4                     9.8

Center Party                                   5.8                     6.3

Left Party                                        5.7                    12.8

Christian Democrats                         5.1                     5.7

Pirate Party                                     7.4                      --

June List                                          3.6                    14.4

The very EU-sceptic June List, which came in third last time around, seems like it won’t pass the 4 percent threshold.

Instead the pro-filesharing Pirate Party should make it into the EU Parliament.

According to the exit poll, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrat Party failed to pass the threshold, with 2.4 percent support, while the Feminist Initiative receives 3.2 percent.

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