Swedish Defence Minister Sven Tolgfors

Tolgfors Wants NATO Air Traffic Control

Sweden is in the middle of negotiations with NATO, Norway and Finland to join a pan-Nordic air traffic monitoring system, according to defence minister Sten Tolgfors. Writing in broadsheet Dagens Nyheter, Tolgfors says Sweden wants to join a NATO ASDE, or "air situation data exchange system", which would warn governments in the case of airborne attacks. He adds that he hopes the Baltic states would also be able to join, making it easier to deal with incidents in the Nordic region. It would also make it easier to carry out military exercises, he says.

Sweden is non-aligned, but regularly carries out joint military exercises with NATO as part of the Partnership For Peace framework. In the article Tolgfors adds that Sweden would not stand by if one of its Nordic or EU neighbours were attacked, and that he hoped they would help if Sweden was attacked too.

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