Gay Rights

Gay Marriage to Get Church Backing?

The former Swedish state church, the Lutheran Church of Sweden should allow gay couples to marry in its churches, according to a press release from the church's governing board.

In the statement they say they want make small changes to the wedding ceremony, and swap the phrase "man and wife" to "spouses", however any changes will first have to be approved by the Synod before the first marriage ceremonies between two men and two women can take part in a church.

Archbishop Anders Weijryd writes: "When the Church has to decide about marrying same-sex couples, the relevant question is whether it is harms or benefits people. The Church wants to promote lasting relationships, and looking through a theological perspective, the message of love is more important than any other message or ban in the Bible".

Gay and lesbian couples have been allowed to marry in Sweden since May 1st, but many religious groups have still not decided whether to allow them to marry in churches, synagogues or mosques. Most are firmly against the idea.