Rosengård Threat Exaggerated - Säpo

The general director of Sweden's national security service Säpo Anders Danielsson is critical of claims that the largely immigrant Malmö district of Rosengård is a breeding ground for Islamic radicals.

Interviewed on Swedish radio, Danielsson, a former policeman who patrolled in the district, said a government sponsored report earlier this year that concluded that radical Islam was winning ground in Rosengård was exaggerated.

He said that the view presented by the report dealt in generalisations and that Rosengård was no more dangerous than anywhere else.

January's report by Magnus Ranstorp and Josefin Dos Santos called "Threats to democratic values and principles, the current situation in Malmö " found that religious extremism was winning ground in Rosengård. At the time, the government minister for integration Nyamko Sabuni defended the reportand and spoke about "a threat against democracy."

In Rosengård, sixty percent of people living there were born abroad, while twenty-six percent of those born in Sweden have parents who were born abroad.