Bildt: "Netanyahu Too Restrictive"

EU Foreign Ministers have welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments about a two-state solution to the troubles in the Middle East, but Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says Netanyahu's comments are "too restrictive".

He told Swedish Radio News that it is positive that the Israeli Prime Minister used the world "state" for the first time when it came to Palestine, even if what he described couldn't really be called a state, Bildt said.

Netanyahu says any Palestinan state would have to recognise Israel, he says the Palestinians would have to accept that they'll never be allowed to return, they'll also have to accept that Jerusalem remains Israel's capital city, and that any Palestinian state should not be allowed to have an army. Bildt says that Netanyahu's reservations are way too restrictive to lay the foundations of a peace process.

EU foreign ministers have been in talks with their Israeli counterpart today about co-operation between the EU and Israel.