Congo Children Battle Deportation

Three abandoned brothers from war-torn Congo Kinshasa who fled to Sweden two years ago are fighting to stay here after being told by the Swedish Migration Board that they must go back to their native country.

The boys, Asa, Kenneth and Patrick Vuvu who aged 7, 13 and 14 , say they face torture and death if they're sent back. Now their schoolfriends, local residents and politicians are campaigning to keep them in Sweden.

Two years ago they fled Congo Kinshasa with their mother seeking political asylum in Sweden after their father, a member of the political opposition, disappeared. Six months later after their plea for asylum in Sweden was rejected three times, the mother fled underground, hoping that with her 3 children living alone, they'd have a legal right to stay. The boys now live with a guardian.

The Swedish Migration Board has said that it found no evidence that the children faced torture by being sent back to Congo. It did say that it would never leave children in a country on their own but if it could find a relative or another acceptable way, then it would follow the children over there and hand them into safe care. But it wouldn't do that until it was 100 percent sure that the boys would be looked after.