"We Need the Truth About Gripen-sales"

Sweden needs a truth commission to find out what really happened when Gripen was sold to the Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa. The demand comes from the leader of the green party, Peter Eriksson, after the country's Chief Prosecutor decided to drop the investigation into bribery in connection to the sales.

The absurd has happened" he writes in the daily Dagens Nyheter, "Sweden has dropped its investigation ... Despite the fact that prosecutors in both England and Sweden have concluded that the Gripen-campaign was corrupt."

Earlier in the week, Sweden's Chief Prosecutor declared that he cannot prove that representatives of Saab or Gripen International intentionally have contributed to Saabs partner BAE systems paying bribes. But it is clear, he said, that BAE systems made "large concealed payments" which could have been bribes to decision makers in the three countries that Gripen was sold to.

The Green's Peter Eriksson notes that Sweden is the first country to "throw in the towel" out of all eight countries where police and prosecutors are investigating into the bribery claims. Yet, with Gripen fundamentally being a project financed by Swedish public money, Sweden needs a truth commission to clarify the ins and outs of the affair.