Big Problems With EU Vote

An absence of ballot papers for new parties, election officials locked out of polling stations and ballots placed in ballot boxes by people unauthorized to do so; just some of the problems unearthed by Swedish Radio reviewing polling stations for the election to the European Parliament on June 7th.

Reviewing the election protocol for Stockholm County, Swedish Radio news service Ekot found that one of the most common problems was missing ballot papers for new parties such as the Pirate Party.

Birgitta Westerdahl, chair in one of Salem's election districts, told Ekot of a first-time voter who couldn't find a ballot paper for the Pirate Party. He was then told erroneous information that it wasn't possible to fill in the party name on a blank ballot sheet. The person concerned then voted for another party.

Parties from the last election that received less than one percent of the vote also reported of being forced to hand out ballots to polling stations themselves.

Parties or individuals can appeal to the Swedish Election Authority if they feel aggrieved.