The Pirate Party Goes Local

As well as setting their sights on the parliamentary election next year, the Swedish Pirate Party is planning to run in the election for the municipalities and county councils.

If the Pirate Party gets in, they are planning to work towards the aim that all licensed computer software of the local authorities and schools be exchanged for those with an open source code. This means that the programmes can be modified by the users and are, if not completely free of charge, at least a lot cheaper than those with a proprietary source code. Many Swedish municipalities are already using free software, but not all.

According to the leader of the Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge no party programme has been developed for the local political arena as of yet, but branches of the party will be able to run in the elections next autumn. According to Falkvinge the aim will be to achieve the same position as in the national elections – to fiercely press for the issues that are of interest to the Pirate Party and loyally follow the political side which has been the most accommodating.

“We will use the same strategy in the municipalities as in parliament. There will be many questions we perceive as deadly dull. If we have to sit there and discuss specific paragraphs of no interest to us, we may just vote whichever way the coalition we have joined tells us to, as long as the our issues go through in return”, Falkvinge said to Swedish Radio News.