The Pirate Bay Summoned to Holland

The three men behind the Pirate Bay are being taken to court by Dutch copyright association Brein. The association is demanding that the Pirate Bay be closed down to users in Holland. Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid Swartholm are being summoned to appear in Amsterdam on 21 July.

According to Swedish News Agency TT, Brein has so far been unsuccessful in locating the three men and have therefore chosen to summon them through internet social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

"Internet works both for those who uphold copyright regulations and those who violate them. At least this way they will be aware that the proceedings start on 21 July in Amsterdam," said Brein CEO Tim Kuik, to TT.

This is not the first time that the Pirate Bay is in trouble abroad. Legal action has previously been taken against them both in Norway and Italy.

Henrik Pontén, lawyer at the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau, a Swedish lobby group which represents companies and organisations within the Swedish film and computer game industry, does not seem surprised.

 "The Swedish Pirate movement is being troublesome to the rest of the world. Now foreign copyright holders are suffering," he said to TT.

Fredrik Neij, currently residing in Bangkok, told TT that he had not received a summons from Holland.

"I do have both Twitter and Facebook accounts but I certainly haven't noticed anything like that," he told TT. (rm)