Malmö Ladies May Go Topless

The women of Malmö may swim bare chested in public swimming pools. During a meeting on Wednesday, Malmö Leisure, Recreation and Sports Administration ruled that topless swimming should be allowed for both men and women.

The question of topless bathing at public swimming pools has been rather a hot potato in Sweden in the last couple of years.  The Swedish network “Bara Bröst”, or “Bare Breasts” in English, has actively been lobbying for equality between the sexes at public swimming pools. The network wants women’s chests to be as desexualized as men’s and they protest against this inequality by ignoring regulations. Lately supporters had targeted swimming pools in Malmö on a number of occasions turning up for a topless swim.

The issue had already been up for discussion in Malmö at an administration meeting in April, but no decision was reached. But after the presence of “Bara Bröst” supporters in many of Malmö’s pools, the board felt that there was a pressing need address the issue.

According to Swedish News Agency TT, it was decided by a unanimous board at Wednesday’s meeting that all swimmers must wear swim gear but that women may choose for themselves whether or not they wish to wear a bikini-top.

“Everyone should wear a swimming costume, but the interpretation is up to the individual, “ said Bengt Forsberg, head of the Malmö Leisure Administration, to TT. (rm)