Abba-Party Planned in London

Benny and Björn from Abba are to take part in a celebration of all things Abba in London's Hyde Park in September. Organised by BBC's Radio 2, the evening will consist of other artists doing their own versions of Abba hits, with the two Abba stars involved in picking who will perform, and there is also a chance they may appear themselves on stage, according to their spokesperson.

Those hoping for an Abba reunion on stage may be disappointed however.

Benny Andersson appeared on a British stage on Saturday, as part of Swedish Embassy celebrations in London. His Benny Andersson Band took part, singing the newly-translated versions of their Swedish hits to an audience mainly consisting of Abba-fans and ex-pat Swedes, but also thousands of others who just happened to be in the London park of Hampstead Heath that day. One of those seen dancing to Benny Andersson hits was European Commissioner Margot Wallström, who had earlier welcomed guests to the event, set up to celebrate the Swedish presidency of the EU. "You can count on us", she told the crowd.