climate change

EU and Swedish leader call for action

As the G8 meetings begins in Italy on Wednesday, the Swedish Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission have written an open letter calling for leadership on climate change.

The Swedish Prime Minister will be taking part in the G8 summit for the first time, representing the EU.

Published in broadsheet Svenska Dagbladet the joint letter says that the G8 meeting offers an opportunity for joint action to fight climate change, by bringing in energy saving measures and stimulating investment in a green economy.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt and European Commission President Barroso say that the current economic crisis makes energy saving measures not only good environmental sense but will also help to save much needed money.

The letter is written with an eye to December's upcoming climate change summit in Copenhagen and also says that the club of industrialised OECD countries should commit to a similar program of greenhouse gas cuts to the one that currently binds EU countries .

This letter also comes during a time when Barroso, though supported by Reinfeldt, is under fire from the EU Parliament for not stating his policy plans clearly enough.