Climate change

Prime Minister Positive to G8 Deal

Fredrik Reinfeldt has called the decision by the leaders of 80% of the world's population to accept the goal to do what they can to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius as a "major step forward".

The deal came as part of the G8 meetings in L'Aquila in Italy. Reinfeldt is there as representative of the European Union.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, who has been transported around the summit area in an environmentally friendly electric buggy, also wants more concrete goals in the short term to fight climate change, but these were not forthcoming Thursday. Hopes are now set on the International Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December.

Reinfeldt and his wife Fillippa started the third day of the conference Friday by looking around the ruins of the earthquake-stricken town where the meeting is being held. Up to 40 world leaders are involved in the final day of discussions.