Baltic Sea Plan Falls Short of Targets

Measures for Sweden to do its bit to improve the situation in the Baltic Sea were presented on Monday. However the measures are not enough to meet the targets that were put on Sweden in the Baltic Sea Action Plan in 2007.

According to the plan, Sweden is supposed to lower its emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus by 15400 tons and 290 tons respectively per year until 2016. The plan stipulates each country by the Baltic Sea to present a national plan by 2010 for how they will achieve their targets.

But the Swedish measures, presented in a report put together by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, will only lower emissions by 15400 tons and 190 tons respectively, the news agency TT reports.

The general director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Maria Ågren, tells Swedish Radio that she believe the fact that Sweden has finalised a plan is a positive signal that will help other countries in their work to produce a national plan. She also says that this is only the beginning, and work will continue to refine the plan in order to make it go further.