European parliament

Newly Elected Take Seats in Strasbourg

Swedish media reports from Strasbourg where the 18 newly elected Eu-parliamentarians take up their seats in the parliament. Several Swedish journalists note the international interest in Christian Engström from the Pirate Party. "They wait for him like a pop star" writes the news agency TT.

Among the new parliamentarians, a comment that keeps popping up is that of how big it is. "The first though is: how will I be able to find things here?" 70-year-old Christian Democrat Alf Svensson tells TT.

The Conservative's Anna Maria Corazza Bildt on the other hand, says that she feels at home. In the daily Svenska Dagbladet, she is given advice by the outgoing Conservative Charlotte Cederschiöld: "It is important to create good relations with people and to make sure you get a good position in the committees so you can change something".

In Dagens Nyheter, the new Green representative, Isabella Lövin, notes that there is hardly any queues to the Committee she is interested in, the Fisheries Committee.

Meanwhile, the top name among the Swedish Social Democrats, the politically very experienced Marita Ulvskog notes that she has never seen the likes of the intense negotiations for positions that has taken place over the past few weeks. "Now I have to familiarise myself with what is possible to influence, how you do it and which are the own initiatives you have to take," she tells TT.