Agricultural Policy

Swedish Minister Disagrees with EU's Agricultural Policy

Sweden’s Minister of Agriculture Eskil Erlandsson says he disagrees with the EU’s decision to keep prices of butter and powdered milk artificially high to protect European farmers. The EU plans to buy thousands of tons of the dairy products, despite Swedish protests, but this country is forced to abide by the decision due to EU rules, he said Thursday in an interview with Swedish Radio News.

81,000 tons of butter and 203,000 tons of powdered milk have already been bought by the commission, which will now buy 31,000 tons more butter and 50,000 tons more powdered milk. The surplus dairy production is bought by the EU in order to sustain current price milk and butter prices.

But Swedish Minister Eskil Erlandsson calls this policy a "relic," and maintains that EU agricultural policy should be better adjusted to market forces.