Defence industry

Armed Forces pressurized FMV to drop Hägglunds

The experts at Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) had found that only one military vehicle fit the bill: the one produced by the Swedish-based company BAE Hägglunds. Then a representative from the Swedish Armed Forces put pressure on FMV - and the experts were exchanged for others.

Swedish Radio continues its scrutiny of FMV's decision to recommend the Government buys 113 armoured vehicles from a Finnish company instead of BAE Hägglunds.

Malena Britz, researcher at the Swedish National Defence College, tells Swedish Radio that it is "remarkable" that the head at one authority can influence how another authority deals with its cases, but that it shows "how close the link is between people in these authorities".

According to sources that Swedish Radio has spoken to, FMVs decision to go for Finnish Patria in stead of BAE Hägglunds is in line with the Armed Forces new strategy for defence materiel provision. This strategy states that they should first and foremost buy existing products on the market. The armoured vehicles from BAE Hägglunds are newly developed, partly

financed by public money.

BAE Hägglunds has filed a lawsuit against FMV for violating the rules for public bidding.