Ambassador For Extradition to Eritrea

Sweden's ambassador to Eritrea tells the Government that it is ok to extradite a man who has escaped military service in Eritrea, despite reports that deserters are tortured and killed in Eritrea, Swedish Radio reports.

The 28-year old Eritrean man was given asylum in Sweden in 2006, but committed a serious crime which led to three years in jail and extradition.

The Swedish Migration Board has recently halted the extradition of approximately 300 Eritreans due to the situation in the country. In a statement regarding the 28-year-old, the Migration Board advices against sending him back to Eritrea, due to the risk of his human rights being violated.

The Swedish ambassador, however, refers to the fact that the US extradites criminals to Eritrea, and to Eritrean officials who ensures deserters are treated well.