Swedish Defence Minister Sten Tolgfors

Tolgfors Meets With US Defence Minister

The cooperation between the EU and Nato was on the agenda when Swedish Defence minister Sten Tolgfors met with his American counterpart Robert Gates in Pentagon on Tuesday, Swedish media reports.

With Sweden at the helm of the EU presidency, Tolgfors is representing the EU when visiting the US.

The election in Afghanistan in the end of August is one example where the EU and Nato need to cooperate better than in the past, Tolgfors tells Swedish Radio News. Asked what the problems have been to make it work in the past, Tolgfors replies:

"A lack of coordination, and that there have been top-level deadlock which have stopped an efficient cooperation between the organisations." Tolgfors also talk to Gates about the large amounts of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. He claims that the American Administration is in full agreement that this hampers the public support in the countries sending troops to Afghanistan, but also the support for the troops among the public in Afghanistan.

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