Swine Flu

British Woman Transferred to Stockholm for Swine Flu Treatment

A pregnant Scottish woman suffering from swine flu has been transferred to Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm for treatment. The 26-year-old will now be hooked up to an artificial lung, which will supply her blood with oxygen while her own lungs get a chance to heal.

The specialized procedure, called extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), is only available at a handful of hospitals in Europe. The five beds in the UK's own ECMO unit in Leicester are full, which is why the woman had to be flown to Stockholm, according to the BBC.

Karolinska Hospital has four beds available for ECMO treatment, two of which are currently occupied with swine flu patients, a spokesperson from the hospital told Radio Sweden. Earlier this week, a 22-year-old Swedish man critically ill with swine flu was transferred to Karolinska Hospital from Norrköping to undergo the procedure.

The Scottish woman is said to be in stable condition, according to the Karolinska Hopsital spokesperson.

Besides the UK, no other countries have come with requests to transfer patients to the Stockholm hospital.

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