Foreign Students to Pay for Studies at Swedish Universities

From the autumn of 2011 students from countries outside Europe will have to pay to study at Swedish universities, according to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. It is up to the universities to decide the size of the fee, but Government calculations mention a general sum of just under 10,000 USD per student per year.

The number of students who apply themselves to study in Sweden, so called free movers, has quadrupled over the last ten years. The biggest increase is of students from Asia, and China in particular. During the academic year 2007-08, there were 19300 such "free movers" at Swedish universities, of which 35 % were from Asia. Most of the foreign students take courses in science and/or technology on Master's level.

Tobias Krantz, Minister for Higher Education says that "Sweden should compete on the global market, not by a free education, but with good quality," He also says that there will be scholarships for students from developing countries, but that will be financed with money from the Department for Development Cooperation.

(Europe in this context means EU, Scandinavia, Lichtenstein and Switzerland).

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