Anna Anka with her famous husband Paul

Former Swedish Beauty Queen Slams Swedish Men

A former beauty queen from Sweden now married to the man who wrote "My way" and living a life of luxury in LA is causing quite a stir in her native sweden for her comments on the Swedish male and female and the country's famous attitudes to gender equality.

38 year old Anna Anka, married to the 68 year old legendary Canadian songwriter Paul and currently appearing in the reality tv show Swedish Hollywood wives, told an online opinion site that Swedish men were nappy changing wimps and Swedish women should concentrate on keeping their man happy in the bedroom.

Instead of praising Sweden's attitude to strengthening a woman's role in society and encouraging men to take a full part in raising their children with generous paternity rights, Anna Anka, who had a brief role in the film Dumb and Dumber, writes in an opinion piece for the Swedish website Newsmill that Swedish men, once proud Vikings, have been turned into "diaper changing" pansies who are too occupied with equality and instead should be like real American men. These would apparently panic if they were left alone with a child for more than 20 minutes, and don't make dinner or do the ironing. Instead Real American Men go to work to provide for their families. In America she says, men are men and women are women.

She did however have sympathy for the Swedish male, as she feels sorry for them for getting married to attractive Swedish women who quickly become unattractive and dowdy, and neglect the needs of their men. The former Miss Sweden runner-up says that it is a woman's job to keep her husband satisfied sexually, a task she says she has performed enthusiastically every morning with her singer-songwriter husband Paul Anka.

Women here were quick to condemn these comments..."An insult to women" and "There is something wrong with the Swedish gene pool" were just some of the headlines. However not all views were negative. The cultural editor of the respected newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote that Anna Anka had raised some interesting questions, while some males praised her standpoint in a country with a proud Viking past, where now one man even aims to breast feed his child.

Anna Anka is appearing in a reality TV show called Swedish Hollywood wives which premiered last Monday, and the 38 year old says that she will have to wear a Viking helmet when she visits the country later this week.

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