New "Pirate Bay" Trial

Juror Accused of Bias

The preparations for a retrial against the founders of the Swedish file sharing site “The Pirate Bay” is overshadowed by allegations of bias concerning one of the jurors. It has now become publicly known that the juror is an employee of “Spotify”.

The online music service is financed by the music industry and seen by many as a legal alternative to file sharing sites like “The Pirate Bay”.

Speaking to Swedish Radio, the judge of the court of appeal, Ulrika Ihrfelt, concedes that all the parts involved in the trial have to be informed about this development. If at least one of the parts objects to the juror the court will have to look deeper into the matter.

After the first trial against the founders of the Pirate Bay, judge Tomas Norström was accused of bias because he was a member of several organizations that had direct links to copyright defenders. (ah)