How long can the cold virus win against the flu virus?
Swine Flu

Cold Virus Could Have Stopped the Flu

A regular cold virus could have stopped the Swine Flu in its tracks, Swedish Radio News reports. A month ago, a serious outbreak of the Swine Flu seemed to be imminent in Sweden. With kids going back to school and the number of Flu cases increasing rapidly week by week.

But the epidemic failed to take hold, and now the National Board of Health and Welfare believes it could be a regular cold virus, a so called rhinovirus, that won the competition for our airways, ahead of the Swine flu virus.

It turns out that the immunity reaction to the virus that comes first will stop any other virus from coming in. In the relatively warm autumn weather of September, the rhinovirus spread much more efficiently than the flu virus.

However, with colder weather now dominating, the flu virus is expected to get the upper hand, since it can be carried several metres through the air. Therefore, the Swine Flu epidemic that was expected in September might still be ahead of us. The question is whether the flu vaccine will stop it in time.

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