One-fifth of cases uninvestigated

Young Sex Offenders

Swedish Radio reports that one out of every five reported sexual assaults by teenagers here are not investigated by the social authorities.

The radio program “Generation Z” contacted 1500 people around Sweden who are responsible for handling reports of suspected teen offenders. The 940 responses indicate that in 80 percent of the cases they had begun some kind of investigation, but in one-fifth the authorities decided to not go any further.

In some cases suspected repeat sexual assaults were not investigated.

The social authorities say sometimes they haven’t investigated because the victims or their families were against it.

Mary Nilsson, of the Family Unit at the National Board of Health and Welfare, tells Swedish Radio that too little is done about young sex offenders, that besides police investigations, social service agencies need to do more. But she, says, they often don’t know how to proceed.

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