Green Party Leader Maria Wetterstrand

Centre Right Reaches Out to Green Party

If the far right anti-immigrant party the Sweden Democrats would get into parliament after next year's election, the current centre right government coalition would not cooperate with them. Instead it would prefer to work together with the Green Party. So say the leaders of at least three of the parties in the Government.

The only thing is, is that the Green Party is currently heavily involved with the other two opposition parties in parliament, the Social Democrats and the Left Party.

Green Party leader Maria Wetterstrand did not seem impressed with the invitation. "I see this as a way to run away from the most important question, which is; can the Government imagine to stay in power and be dependent on the Sweden Democrats?" Wetterstand told Swedish Radio News.

The Sweden Democrats would get into parliament, if they get more than 4 % of the votes. In the latest opinion poll, 4,7 % of those asked said they would vote for the Sweden Democrats.

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