Hidden Asylum Numbers Grow

More and more asylum seekers who have been officially denied staying rights in Sweden have gone underground.

In recent years the numbers of Asylum seekers going on the run has lowered due to a change in the law but now the figures are on the rise again.

Hans Rosenqvist at national police border control told Swedish radio news Ekot that today there are 8,700 people hidden in Sweden. This is lower than several years ago when the numbers of hidden asylum seekers grew every day, reaching a peak in 2005 of over 10,000. The figures were reduced because of a change in law which allowed those failed asylum seekers to come forward and re-apply. Around 30,000 came in and 60 percent of that number were allowed to stay.

Now Hans Rosenqvist says the numbers are rising again. At the end of last year, 7,680 asylum seekers went underground. In September this year that figure had climbed to 8,700 with more expected by the year end.

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