More Internet Alcohol Confiscated

The Swedish customs are confiscating increasing amounts of alcohol that have been ordered over internet from abroad. Since 2006, people have to report to the tax authorities if they order alcohol from abroad, because the alcohol you do not take into the country yourself is to be taxed here.

"Unfortunately this is not happening. It might be due to negligence, to ignorance or to misinformation on the websites selling the alcohol," says Sune Rydén, alcohol expert at the Swedish customs in an interview with Swedish Radio News.

If you have not reported the import, the customs can confiscate the alcohol until you have paid the tax. Only a week ago, 9000 litres of alcohol was confiscated and Sune Rydén has had some 50 phone calls from people who were waiting for a delivery. "Some of them know the score, but many have been completely taken in. They feel that they have not been given the right information on the websites where they have ordered, Rydén tells the News Agency TT.

The rules on how to tax alcohol ordered on internet follows a decision in the Court of Justices of the European Communities. That same year, 2006 the Swedish Customs confiscated about 200,000 litres of alcohol. After that, much less was confiscated, but this year, the numbers are going up again. So far this year 70,000 litres of alcohol have been confiscated by the customs.

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