No Ho ho ho?

I'm Dreaming of an Expensive Christmas

It’s beginning to like an expensive Christmas.

Statistics Sweden reports that after a run-through of the prices of traditional Swedish Christmas food and ingredients, mostly everything costs more: The herring, the ham, Lucia buns, nuts and sugar.

Canned herring costs 8 percent more now than a year ago, as do nuts and the dried fruit so crucial to hot mulled “glögg” wine. The traditional Christmas ham will cost 5 percent more. This despite overall consumer prices actually down by 1.5 percent in the past year.

And it’s also going to cost more to send Christmas cards and presents. Postage for letters and packages has risen by 6 percent over the last year.

The TT news agency also points out that those who want to flee the chilly north for sunnier climes will also lose out. The average charter trip to warmer latitudes costs 10 percent more than one year ago.