Sem-Sandberg Receives August Prize

The August prize for the year's best Swedish novel was awarded author Steve Sem-Sandberg at a ceremony at the Stockholm Concert House on Monday night.

The novel, "The poor in Lodz" depicts life in the Jewish ghetto in Polish Lodz during the Second World War. The motivation reads “This is  a story told after all tears have dried up, expressed in a dry and unsentimental style, balancing facts and fiction and using the authentic Ghetto chronicle 1941-44 as a starting point, paints a series of individual fates with great integrity even when they falter or fail.”

“What I wanted was to depict regular people, how they react at a situation where they face life and death, where they have to choose between saving themselves or their children, “ a very happy Sem –Sandberg said to Swedish Radio News at the award ceremony Monday evening. This was the 21st time the prize has been awarded in Sweden.