Stockholm's Two Week Love Fest

The wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling in June next year will be a grand affair. Under the name of LOVE 2010 - the festivities in the capital are planned to go on for two weeks, starting on the Swedish national day on the 6th of June.

Stages will be put up across the city centre and performances will be largely free of charge. The budget so far is 7 million kronor - about a million US dollars - but this is expected to swell as sponsors will flood in. Plans also include floral arrangements across the city and famous poets will have recorded love poems which will be broadcast from loudspeakers placed along the sea front on the prestigious Strandvägen.

Anyone who is planning to come to Stockholm in time for the festival and the wedding is advised make arrangements soon, as the city's hotles are expecting to be fully booked far in advance.