Industry Minister to Face Committee

The Swedish opposition parties have reported the minister of industry from the Center Party - one of the four center-right coalition partners - to the parliament's constitutional committee reviewing government performances.

The criticism covers the Minister Maud Olofsson's handling of the controversial decision of the state energy company Vattenfall's secret agreement to take over responsibility for any nuclear power accident at its plant in Germany. The company's boss has lost his job because of the deal - which could bankrupt the company which provides most of this Nordic nation's electricity.

Meanwhile, two of the coalition's partners are colliding over the future of atomic power here and abroad. The anti-nuclear Center Party wants the state company to refrain from making investments in foreign nuclear power companies.

But the Liberal Party wants the company to put more emphasis on this in order to be better prepared to expand nuclear power here in Sweden.

Swedish politicians and public opinion is divided here over an earlier decision to phase out the last 10 of Sweden's 12 atomic reactors - or to build more.