Scan Breaks Off Ties With Pig Suppliers

Scan, one of Sweden's most well known food production companies, announced on Wednesday evening that it had broken off ties with 40 pig farmers who supply it with pork and are at the centre of police investigations over reports of animal cruelty.

Among those no longer supplying pig meat to Scan is Lars Hulström, the chairman of Swedish Meats whose farm was filmed by animal rights activists showing appalling living conditions for pigs. Hulström sits on the board of Scan.

Scans communications officer Margareta Thorgren explained the move.

"We have taken this decision because we think it is really important with animal welfare and Swedish meat. It is a matter of trust for us."

Scan says Swedish animal healthcare officers will carry out checks at the 40 pig farms and if they pass these checks then they will be allowed to deliver to the company again.

Scan has always promoted its animal welfare credentials.

In total 90 pig farms have been reported to police following the investigation by The Animal Rights Alliance which filmed appalling conditions at a number of pig farms in the country. The scenes were broadcast on Swedish National Radio News' website, leading to largescale disgust among the Swedish public.

Meanwhile animal health inspectors in the region of Skåne in southern Sweden where 26 of the pig farms under investigation operate , said that they were overworked an had an impossible job.