Agriculture Minister in Crisis Talks with Pig Industry

Updated 13:13

On Monday, Sweden's agriculture minister Eskil Erlandsson will meet with representatives of the country's pig farming industry and veterinary organisations to discuss how they can work in the future to guarantee the protection of animals reared for slaughter and at the same time restore public confidence in the Swedish pig industry which has been severely damaged by this week's revelations of animal cruelty.

On Wednesday evening, Scan, one of the country's leading and well known food manufacturing brands, temporarily severed ties with 40 of its pig suppliers which are currently under police investigation, along with fifty more farms following an undercover operation by an animal rights group which revealed appalling living conditions for pigs reared for slaughter.

The Animal Rights Alliance have followed up their campaign with a number of demonstrations in public squares throughout the country. 

Dave Russell spoke to Jonas Carlsson from the ARA in Malmö

Scan, one of Sweden's most well known food production companies, announced on Wednesday evening that it had broken off ties with 40 pig farmers who supply it with pork and are the centre of police investigations over reports of animal abuse.

Scans communications officer Margareta Thorgren denied that their move was just a media stunt.